Single View

Integrated data driving joined-up service delivery

Providing a single, unified, view of your data.


As part of our Sentinel Data Platform and Master Data Management (MDM) solution we provide an integrated Portal layer as part of spinning up business applications. Our Single View solution allows data such as customer or asset information to be presented completely and concisely, providing a one-stop view of your records—a Single View—in one place. There are many advantages to adopting a single, unified, view of data; from better analytics and targeting to providing the foundation for standardized, more joined-up and consistent working. 


One of the benefits of using the Sentinel Data Platform with Single View Solutions is secure and compliant data sharing. By using the platform’s data management capabilities with single view solutions, you can build in different levels and views of access for different partner organisations and departments. Not only does the pairing of our Data Platform and Single view provide simple, complete and accurate information to appropriate users, but access and visibility can be managed easily and effectively by spinning up tailored Single View portals for different sets of users – crucial for collaborative working, multi-agency programmes, or initiatives that require data from multiple sources with varying degrees of shareability and access requirements.   

  •  Up-to-date and timely information
  • Single point of access user experience, saving time and simplifying navigation
  • Consistent look and feel
  • Controlled / tailored 360 view / Streamline FOI
  • Agile / Modular / Configurable object-based technology
  • Fully Integrated and complete, no data fragmentation, siloed information, or blind spots
  • View and analyse data from multiple sources

Security Features

  • Secure Role based access controls
  • Different role-based access levels
  • Perimeter controls and configurable levels of least privilege
  • User and Process Audit Trail


Feature and Functions

  • Low minimal-almost no code configurable technology
  • Drop files seamlessly and build business components on top
  • Limitless business components – tailor your screens to show exactly what and how you want
  • Screen builder technology, quickly add what you need to see. Agile flexible
  • Rules based / Configurable
  • Preconfigured templates, out of the box views and dashboards
  • Preconfigured industry specific dashboards and templates designed to meet specific national requirements
  • Rich functionality (search criteria, dashboards, downloads and extracts)
  • Data collection forms and document uploads
  • Chronological views
  • Configurable widgets/business components for use across multiple pages
  • Maps and Geographic functionalities
  • Charts, graphs, scatter, bar
  • Workflow/Process management (event-based triggers)

Beyond Single View

A single, unified, view of data is the foundation for gaining the benefits of the latest analytic technologies. By providing a comprehensive and standardized set of records, scoring, profiling and predictive machine learning technologies can deliver the most accurate insights. Single View is a gateway to making the most of your data. Single View not only standardizes improves accuracy and consistency, but transforms your data into a valuable corporate asset.

Benefits include:

  • Scoring and profiling
  • Embed reports from Power BI, tableau and Qlik 
  • View data directly from Azure Data Lakes or Synapse
  • Pull data from external processes such as Python scripts
  • Machine Learning and AI Insights
  • Data-driven events and workflows functionality: Set and manage multi-clause triggers for dynamic dashboard enrichment such as automatic business components, scripts, email/SMS text notifications with repeat threshold control, contact groups and template usage

Use Cases


Birmingham Childrens Trust

An example of the benefits our Single View solution offers is detailed in our Birmingham Childrens Trust. client story. The Trust required a system that would identify families in need of support and meet the requirements of the national Supporting Families Programme.

To achieve this, they needed the most accurate and complete data of children and families. Working with over 10,000 children daily, if there was a high number of duplicate and disparate records for these children, the system would not be effective and those that need help would not receive the appropriate support.

Read their story


North Yorkshire

Our Single View of Child (SVoC) project was initiated to improve the safeguarding of children and young people through the delivery of more effective and timely information to staff across Directorates and eventually also, partners such as Health and North Yorkshire Police (NYP)

Read their story


As the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the UK, Liverpool wanted to be one of the first authorities to put a fully inclusive tactical response in place.

We worked closely with the Liverpool team to integrate 13 new NHS data feeds and provide a fully profiled Single View of vulnerable individuals to Public Health England, who should be shielding and be supported with home services. This new tactical response was commissioned, configured, and implemented within two weeks, and was live by early April 2020.

Read their story


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