Database Migration

A fast, secure data solution for migrating from legacy databases to the latest database systems.

A fast, secure data solution for migrating from legacy databases to the latest database systems.


For organisations looking to migrate data (Oracle to PostgreSQL being a popular move), we provide a trusted solution to transfer your data swiftly and securely.

With more than ten years’ experience completing data migration projects for local authorities, housing associations and businesses, we can guide and implement the correct migration to meet your needs.

We specialise in migrating and protecting sensitive data and our systems work with a wide range of commercial and personal data. 

As well as data migration, our cleansing and integration technology can also improve quality, enabling you to begin using your target database with data in the right condition for your requirements.

Migration Case Study: Oracle Vs PostgreSQL

There is a strong case for moving from Oracle. Many organisation and business requirements have now superseded Oracle services. PostgreSQL is the more effective and dynamic database solution for many of today’s business, organisation and public sector data needs.

Cost-effective – Oracle Enterprise can be very costly, with a significant overhead and administration costs that PostGreSQL doesn’t have.

Increased storage - whereas Oracle’s storage limit is 128TB, PostgreSQL offers unlimited storage; a crucial factor for any organisation engaging with large datasets, big data or complex multimedia archives.

Open Source - unlike Oracle, PostgreSQL is Open Source and comes with a constant, empowered and diverse community of developers and users, effectively providing a deep, robust and evolving testing framework.

A proactive and robust support network - rather than being subject to a provider’s support network and response process, Postgres-based businesses have immediate support from a visible, dynamic community. Solution discovery is more fluid and proactive than Oracle’s hierarchical model. 

Greater compatibility, with people and code – PostgreSQL follows the common ANSI standard for SQL which means less time is spent re-skilling employees or converting code.

Azure-ready - PostgreSQL is already available as a SaaS Azure product with no patching required. Back-up system and infrastructure forms part of the product.

No data loss/corruption - ensuring the landings of accurate data.

Improved Security – better security and compliance.

Industry specific expertise in secure and fast migration.

Additional Services as part of Data Migration

  • Cleansing – cleansing data as part of migration service to achieve best quality data for the target system.
  • Field level transformation - multiple field level transformations, suite of out of the box transformations and fully configurable options.
  • Field type and content – type and content transformations.
  • Simulation – pre-upload simulation of errors, assisting in testing and compliance.
  • Migration approaches – Trickle (Iterative) or Big-Bang.